Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wine Etiquette To Follow

I’ve been around observing people in their element while they partake of the heavenly drink that we know as wine. I’ve been in parties, social clubs, and even five-star hotels, you name it. What I have seen is that although there are the wine drinking lot who clearly show an exemplary behavior when they enjoy the drink, there are still some who simply need to be informed.

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So why is wine etiquette important? Just like all forms of etiquette, it is a very powerful tool. It is a way of showing that you are a person of respect and refinement. In reality, this has rewards, mostly in that you attract like-minded people with the impression that you make.

It all starts with the way you hold your wine glass. The proper way is to hold is by the stem or the base.

When you drink your wine do not gulp it down the moment your portion is poured into your glass. Sniff it first, then taste a little bit of it. Think about these sensations for a moment. Try to appreciate it in several ways.

When you sip, be mindful of drinking from the same position, so as to avoid making many mouth marks that may be unsightly. This is especially important for the ladies who put on lipstick.

Open your wine bottle silently. As you pour into your glass, hold the bottle towards the base and fill your glass less than halfway so that you would give your wine some room to breathe.

When clinking your glass with another, clink bell to bell, as this reduces the chances of damaging the glass. As you do so, look your drinking-buddy in the eye.

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Try to keep your portion the same as with the other people around you. Offer the wine first before going for a second glass for yourself.

Bennett J. Kireker is from New York. He is the founder and operator of a wine club which has over 50 members who meet on a quarterly basis. Learn more about wine by viewing this Slideshare page.

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