Friday, July 15, 2016

Exploring The Tastes Of The Austrian Gruener Veltliner

The Gruener Veltliner is truly a complex kind of wine with a taste described by its lovers as peppery and zesty. Nicknamed “Groovy” by American wine tasters, it is the perfect match to a hearty dinner of meat or fish. Depending on where and how long it is grown, this type of wine could be smooth or rich. 

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This variety of white wine occupies approximately 32% of the vineyards in Austria, though it could also be grown in other countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, this wine has gained a reputation for being one of the best types to be produced by the Austrians and was at one point the trendiest variety among wine tasters from all over the world. 

Those who have tasted the Gruener Veltliner say that the acidity provides a burst of citrusy and nutty flavors. Good quality Grueners might leave a slight aftertaste unlike younger varieties that lose their acidity with every sip. The complex tastes make this kind of wine a great match for savory meats and leafy greens.

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